In The Making

Design is a restless field positioned as a productive practice in between conceiving and making. Design research is no less volatile, as it explores, explains and challenges what we know in and through design.

“In the making” is the theme of the first Nordic Design Research Conference. The conference invites contributions from researchers working internationally in universities, design schools and industry who share an interest in understanding and developing design as a trans-disciplinary practice that is always in the making. The scope of the conference reaches beyond the traditional design disciplines and includes other research areas with common interest in how people shape and make sense of things in an increasingly man-made world.

The conference directs its interest towards the diversity, challenges, emerging practices and understanding of design. Rather than searching for common definitions or a unified approach to design, “In the making” addresses the frontiers of design research as it is practiced in a broad array of academic fields. The conference theme reflects a range of issues that characterize design and design research today.

Issues and themes
• The role of the designer is changing. Design processes are becoming arenas for change where many people collaborate, and designed objects play an even broader role as explicit socio-cultural manifestations of new possibilities.

• The object of design is expanding. We see the need for designers to understand wider notions of user experience at the same time as to explore classical issues of form in light of new technologies and media.

• The products of design practice are never conclusive. People appropriate design artifacts in use whereby the social and cultural role and meaning of the artifacts undergo continuous change.

• The conceptual foundations for design work are shifting. Incorporating methods and approaches from areas such as the social sciences and humanities, the basic concepts we use to describe, understand, and reflect upon the design process are changing.

Important dates
Deadline for all submissions March 1, 2005
Feedback to authors with suggestions for revision April 1, 2005
Registration for the conference opens April 20, 2005
Final paper submissions uploaded to website May 1, 2005
Conference in Copenhagen May 29 – 31, 2005

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