The Nordes board consists of the previous and present conference’s General and Program Chairs, as well as representatives from the Nordic countries not otherwise covered by those functions. Currently the board consists of:

  • Tuuli Mattelmäki (Aalto University, FI)
  • Mette Agger Eriksen (KADK, DK)
  • Satu Maittinen (Univeristy of Lapland, FI)
  • Andrew Morrison, (AHO, NO)
  • Henry Mainsah, (OsloMet, NO)
  • Eeva Berglund, (Aalto University, FI)
  • Per Linde, (Malmö University, SE)
  • Guy Julier, (Aalto University, FI)
  • Thomas Markussen, (SDU, DK)
  • Eva Brandt (Design School Kolding, DK)

Nordes Commons is a network of people interested in design research and participating in the Nordes conferences, the Nordes summer schools or other Nordes activities. As part of the Nordes Commons members of the network will receive information about Nordes events and other issues of relevance for design and design research: All people taking part in the Nordes events will be offered to be part of the Nordes Commons. Members of he Nordes Commons will be called for a meeting to appoint a board during the Nordes Conference.

Nordes organises a bi-annual Nordic Design Research Conference, a Nordic Summer school on design research and promotes the publication and dissemination of design research through the Nordes Digital Archive.

The Nordes Board is responsible for all activities between conferences, for example summer schools. The board consists of seven people elected at the Nordes Commons meeting during each Nordes Conference. The chair of the board must be the chair for next conference. The chair of the previous conference should also be in the board. All Nordic countries should be represented. The board meets when needed, at least two times a year. The Nordes board is responsible for the program for the upcoming conference.

The Nordes Conference Chair and Program Chair: The chair for next conference should be complemented by two program co-Chairs representing at least two countries. The Co-chairs are appointed by the board.

For each Nordes conference an Organization committee must be established: The Organising committee are people responsible for the organisation of the next conference, site, arrangements, budget. Members of the Organising committee are proposed by the conference Chair and appointed by the board.

Nordes Programme committee is recruited by the board to review papers, develop the programme with sessions, key-note lectures etc and to act as session chairs. The Programme committee get papers for review and meet for the first time when papers are reviewed to discuss the program. Reviewers outside the Program Committee may also be used.

The Nordes Summer School will normally be organized the year between the biannual conferences and in another country than the next conference. The board appoints the people responsible for organizing the summer school

Nordes Publications are promoted through the Nordes Digital Archive that gives open access to design research presented at Nordes events and other design research such as doctoral dissertations and working papers of relevance for the design researchers. Nordes may also initiate and promote other forms of publication of design research. Responsibility for Nordes publications and particularly for the Nordes digital Archive are held by the board and those they appoint.