Nordes 2017 Conference

Day 1
Thursday 15 June

Venue: AHO

08:00 Registration + Welcome
09:00 Keynote Speaker 1
Room A2
Chair: Andrew Morrison

Dori Tunstall
Respectful Design in the Canadian Context: Rebalancing Power
Download PDF (2.1 MB)

10:00 Coffee + Discussion + Exhibition Opening
11:00 Full paper session 1
Room A2
Chair: Maria Engberg

Martin Avila
FP: Ecologizing, decolonizing: an artefactual perspective
Download PDF (1.7 MB)

Jonny Aspen, Einar Sneve Martinussen, Peter Hemmersam and Jørn Knutsen
FP: Challenges of the ‘urban digital’: addressing interdisciplinarity and power in the planning and design of the digital city
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Full paper session 2
Room A3
Chair: Jacob Buur

Sune Gudiksen, Joakim Glerup, Klaus Greve and Kristine Christensen
FP: Explicating stakeholder criteria: Open up the power field through design games
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Philemonne Jaasma, Evert Wolters, Joep Frens and Caroline Hummels
FP: Shifting roles in public issues: exploring a cross-disciplinary design approach to multi-stakeholder participation
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Case session 1
Room A1
Chair: Håkan Edeholt

Marina Castan and Oscar Tomico
Case: When does clothing become textile architecture? Creating dynamic qualities in architecture through dance choreography
Download PDF (1.8 MB)

Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard & Lone Koefoed Hansen
Case: Designing with Bias and Privilege?
Download PDF (3.2 MB) Exhibition Session 1 Chair: Åsa Ståhl

Liam Healy, Jimmy Loizeau, Clare Thompson
Exhibition: Design Unlikely Futures and The ‘Jungle’
Download PDF (6.7 MB)

Judith Marlen Dobler
Exhibition: Drawing together. Collaborative design practices in experimental physics
Download PDF (10.7 MB)

Andrea da Costa and Naya Choi
Exhibition: Inviting conversations on collaborative design practice and encounters through writing: from the book, coconuts: fresh views on co-design
Download PDF (3.1 MB)

Swati Srivastava
Exhibition: Zygo: Design led reframing of secondhand marketplaces
Download PDF (2.8 MB)

12:00 Keynote Speaker 2
Room A2
Chair: Henry Mainsah

Yoko Akama
Kokoro of Design (デザインの心)
Download PDF (5.1 MB)

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Full paper session 3
Room A2
Chair: Eva Brandt

Helena Sustar and Tuuli Mattelmäki
FP: Whole in One: Designing for Empathy in Complex Systems
Download PDF (2.9 MB)

Tim Overkamp and Stefan Holmlid
FP: Evolutions of Service Actor Roles Towards Future Service
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Full paper session 4
Room A3
Chair: Anne Louise Bang

Danwei Tran Luciani and Peter Vistisen
FP: Empowering non-designers through animation-based sketching
Download PDF (1.1 MB)

Bilge Merve Aktas and Maarit Mäkelä
FP: Craft dynamics: empowering felt making through design
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Short Paper session 1
Room A1
Chair: Sara Ilsted

Anders Haug and Jacob Busch
SP: Dealing with uncertainties in socially responsible design
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Jennifer L. Schubert and Bianca Herlo
SP: Citizens, technologies & power – a unique participatory design challenge
Download PDF (2.7 MB)

Marie Juul Søndergaard and Lone Koefoed Hansen
SP: It's not that it will kill me": Living with electromagnetic hypersensitivity
Download PDF (4.3 MB)

Anke Jakob and Cathy Treadaway
SP: Design for dementia care: making a difference
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Workshop Session 1
Grouproom 5
Chair: Li Jönsson

Mathilda Tham, Åsa Ståhl and Sara Hyltén-Cavallius
Workshop: How can we critically & creatively engage with power relations in collaborative design research?
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Workshop Session 2
Grouproom 3
Chair: Tau Lenksjold

Elisa Bertolotti, Virginia Tassinari, Susan Yelavich and Nik Baerten
Workshop: The Cyberiad - Telling stories of power relationships in future words
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

15:00 Coffee
16:00 Full paper session 5
Room A2
Chair: Ramia Mazé

Chad Story, Sam Abel, Kirsten Schaefer, Ben Barry and Sandra Tullio-Pow
FP: Disarticulating ‘fatness’: Design activism and the counter-hegemonic practices of co-designing clothing with plus-size women
Download PDF (26.7 MB)

Nina Lysbakken
FP: Beauty or brains, cautious or courageous? Gender and power in online visual designs
Download PDF (5 MB) Full paper session 6
Room A3
Chair: Danielle Wilde

James Auger, Enrique Encinas and Julian Hanna
FP: Reconstrained Design: Confronting Oblique Design Constraints
Download PDF (4.2 MB)

Michael Haldrup
FP: Futures. Speculations on Time, Design and Thinking
Download PDF (1.1 MB) Short paper session 2
Room A1
Chair: Synne Skjulstad

Silvia Mata-Marin and Dan Lockton
SP: Technologies of division: everyday bordering
Download PDF (2.5 MB)

Fanny Giordano
Post: Participation & Co-Design in Public Services
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Gül Kaner and Aykut Coşkun
SP: Collaborative Design for Fashionable Wearables: A Fashion System Perspective
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Laura Popplow and Melisa Duque
SP: Engaging with Ghosts, Idiots and ___________________ - Otherness in Participatory Design
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

17:00 Keynote Speaker 3
Room A2
Mahmoud Keshavarz
CARE / CONTROL. Notes on compassion, design and violence
Download PDF (2.8 MB)

+ Plenary Discussion
18:00 Drinks & Conference Dinner

Day 2
Friday 16 June

Venue: Westerdals

09:00 Full paper session 7
Large Auditorium
Chair: Dagny Stuedahl

Elisa Bertolotti and Virginia Tassinari
FP: Experiments in the co-creation of "theatres" for social innovation. A reading through the lens of Hannah Arendt
Download PDF (1.8 MB)

Merja Ryöppy, Salu Ylirisku and Eva Knutz
FP: Exploring power with object theatre
Download PDF (3.5 MB) Full paper session 8
Room 411
Chair: Martin Avila

Bec Barnett and Tristan Schultz
FP: Decolonising Approaches To Designing With Children: Futurebne Water Security Challenge ​
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Sune Gudiksen and Thessa Jensen
FP: Co-crediting in an age of participation
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Short Paper session 3
Room 305
Chair: Suzan Kozel

Margaret Rynning
SP: Speculative graphic design: branding as a catalyst for change
Download PDF (5.1 MB)

Lise Amy Hansen and Wendy Keay-Bright
SP: Perform – digital movement in the making
Download PDF (1 MB)

Cheryl Ball
SP: Designing Research Infrastructures for Open-Access Publishing
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Workshop Session 3
Room 306
Chair: Li Jönsson

Dimeji Onafuwa and Joshua D Bloom
Workshop: Privileged participation: design, allyship and decoloniality
Download PDF (1 MB) Workshop Session 4
Room 304
Chair: Tau Lenksjold

Shana Agid and Sissel Olander
Workshop: What is your critical approach? Design, power and proximity
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

10:00 Coffee + Discussion
11:00 Full paper session 9
Large Auditorium
Chair: Troels Degn Johansson

Janaina Teles Barbosa, Heather Wiltse and João A. Mota
FP: Power of design agency in building and sustaining collaboration: two cases in São Paulo
Download PDF (2.3 MB)

Sara Ilstedt, Mia Hesselgren and Elina Eriksson
FP: Sustainable Lifestyles: How values affect sustainable practices
Download PDF (5.4 MB) Full paper session 10
Room 411
Chair: Thomas Markussen

Synne Skjulstad
FP: Who wore it best? Understanding mediated fashion as design
Download PDF (5.8 MB)

Jinyi Wang and Oskar Juhlin
FP: Fashion, Fiction, Function: Mediating Wearable Design Through Fashion Film
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Case session 2
Room 305
Chair: Satu Miettinen

Kate McEntee
Case: Becoming Woke: Design Research And Embodied Practice
Download PDF (1.9 MB)

Camilla Andersson, Ramia Mazé, Anna Isaksson, Karin Ehrnberger and Emma Börjesson
Case: Materializing Ruling Relations: A case of gender, power and elder care in Sweden
Download PDF (2.2 MB)

12:00 Full paper session 11
Large Auditorium
Chair: Bosse Westerlund

Bruce Snaddon and Alettia Chisin
FP: Futures oriented design pedagogy: performing a space of powerful possibility
Download PDF (2.8 MB)

Sonia Matos and Emma Gieben-Gamal
FP: Social design and participatory research: transforming the curriculum in higher education
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Full paper session 12
Room 411
Chair: Johannes Cronje

Peter Vistisen and Søren Bolvig Poulsen
FP: Return of the Vision Video: Can corporate vision videos serve as setting for participation?
Download PDF (3.5 MB)

Tavs Jorgensen
FP: From users to outsiders: shifting the sphere of independent innovation from own practice to external fields
Download PDF (3.8 MB) Short paper session 4
Room 305
Chair: Henry Mainsah

Joshua Singer and Virginia Tassinari
SP: Inside/ Inside/outside: Working Our Way Out Of The Damaged Now (Design As Dialectics)
Download PDF (1 MB)

Pablo Calderón Salazar and Alfredo Gutiérrez Borrero Escuela de Diseño
SP: Letters south of (nordic) design
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Marika Hedemyr
SP: Why does ”participatory” make me shiver? Proposing a decolonial practice for participatory work
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Marie Juul Søndergaard and Lone Koefoed Hansen
SP: Designing With Bias And Privilege?
Download PDF (3.3 MB) Pictorial and Poster session
Room 306
Chair: Lise Hansen

Laurene Vaughan, Shanti Sumartojo and Sarah Pink
Pict: Care and the design of a psychiatric hospital environment
Download PDF (5.2 MB)

Sumit Pandey and Alma Leora Culén
Pict: Hearsay: speculative exploration of intelligent voice based interfaces
Download PDF (8.3 MB)

Judith Marlen Dobler
Post: Drawing together. Collaborative design practices in experimental physics
Download PDF (7.2 MB)

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Keynote Speaker 4
Large Auditorium
Chair: Einar Sneve Martinussen

Even Westvang
Can Design Fix It?
Download PDF (2.4 MB) Keynote Speaker 5 Chair: Bosse Westerlund

Thomas Binder
The Power of a Hopeful If
Download PDF (8.6 MB)

15:00 Full paper session 13
Large Auditorium
Chair: Susan Yelavich

Essi Kuure and Daria Akimenko
FP: Narrative identities in participatory art and design cases
Download PDF (2.4 MB)

Ines Veiga
FP: Indiscipline: A Manifesto For Opening Graphic Design Futures
Download PDF (2.8 MB) Full paper session 14
Room 411
Chair: Cheryl Ball

Isabella von Mühlen Brandalise
FP: Eventual Everydays: Infiltrating And Opening Systems Through Design
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Eva Knutz, Thomas Markussen and Regner Birkelund
FP: Inquiring into politics of patient democracy through probing
Download PDF (< 1 MB) Case session 3
Room 305
Chair: Helena Sustar

Aditya Pawar
Case: The ‘ability to make a difference’ in participatory design projects
Download PDF (2 MB)

Hella Hernberg and Ramia Mazé
Case: Architect/Designer as 'Urban Agent' - a case of mediating temporary use in cities
Download PDF (2.2 MB) Exhibition Discussion
Room 306
Chair: Jørn Knutsen

This session will discuss exhibition pieces that have accompanying in Short Papers/Full Papers

16:00 Full paper
Large Auditorium
Chair: Andrew Morrison and Dagny Stuedahl

Jocelyn Bailey
FP: Beyond usefulness: Exploring the implications of design in policymaking
Download PDF (< 1 MB)

Maria Engberg, Susan Kozel and Temi Odumosu
FP: Postcolonial Design Interventions: Mixed Reality Design for Revealing Histories of Slavery and Their Legacies in Copenhagen
Download PDF (5.2 MB)

+ Closing Plenary Discussion

17:30 NORDES Commons
Large Auditorium
19:00 Self-Chosen Dinner
23:00 NORDES Night Party

Day 3 - Doctoral Consortium
Saturday 17 June

Venue: AHO

N.B. We gather outside of the AHO main entrance at 09:20

The papers are informally grouped under four themes. Each of these include three presentations of 10 min. Then follows 20 min for questions and discussion. First and second respondents prepare 3(+1) questions, preferably also taking into account potential changes of arguments in between paper and presentation, as well as issues arising across the papers.

09:30 Doctoral Consortium Session 1
Board Room
Chair: Maria Hellström Reimer

Maria Hellström Reimer, Susan Kozel, Martin Avila and Satu Miettinen​

09:40 Collaboration + Power I
Mira Alhonsuo
Power of Users in Health-Related Processes
Respondent: Karianne Rygh (+ Angeliki Dimaki-Adolfsen)

Marina Hadjilouca
Performance Design and Social Engagement Towards Triggering Active Co-Existance
Respondent: Minna Lumme (+ Nicholas Toretta)

10:20 Collaboration + Power II
Maya Frögård
Sugarcoating Power Play - Design in Community Planning Processes
Respondent: Marina Hadjilouca (+ Anna Lisa Hirscher)

Minna Lumme
Co-Design as Everyday Politics in Learning Environments
Respondent: William Kempton (+ Silvia Mata-Marin)

11:00 Critique + Power
Hanna af Ekström
Norm Critical Design and Ableism
Respondent: Nicholas Toretta (+ Minna Lumme)

Mylene Petermann
"We Feel You" - A critical speculation on emotional self-quantification
Respondent: Anuradha Reddy (+ Karianne Rygh)

Nicholas Toretta
Learning To Collaborate In And For Design For Sustainability
Respondent: Angeliki Dimaki-Adolfsen (+ Hanna af Ekström)

12:00 Ethics + Power
Angeliki Dimaki-Adolfsen Children Let’s Play: Points Of Negotiations For Play Interventions In Refugee Camps In Greece
Respondent: Maja Frögård (+William Kempton)

Anja Lisa Hirscher
Negotiating values in design: a case of establishing and developing a co-sewing café
Respondent: Mylene Petermann (+ Anuradha Reddy)

Anuradha Reddy
Design As An Ethics-In- Practice
Respondent: Silvia Mata-Marin (+ Mira Alhonsuo)

13:00 Lunch
13:30 Doctoral Consortium Session 2
Board Room

Chair: Maria Hellström Reimer

Product Service Systems + Power
William Kempton
Designing for Future Additive Scenarios
Respondent: Anja Lisa Hirscher (+ Mylene Petermann)

Silvia Mata-Marin
Acculturations by Design: Understanding How Sociotechnical Systems Mediate Cultural Exchange
Respondent: Hanna af Ekström (+Maja Frögård)

Karianne Rygh
Exploring Design In Tangible Tools: Fostering Collaborative Relations In The Co-Creation Of Healthcare Services
Respondent: Mira Alhonsuo (+ William Kempton)

14:30 Concluding Discussion


Keynotes: Keynotes 1, 2 & 3 (40 mins + 20 mins discussion), Keynotes 4 & 5 (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)

FP= Full Paper: Each presentation is 30 minutes (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)

SP = Short Paper: Each presentation is 15 minutes (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion)

Case: Each presentation is 30 minutes (20 mins presentation + 10 mins discussion)

Post = Poster: Each presentation is 15 minutes (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion)

Pict = Pictorial: Each presentation is 15 minutes (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion)

Workshop: Each Workshop is 3 hours, sign up required from 7 June, max 25 places per workshop

Exhibition: Each presentation is 15 minutes (10 mins presentation + 5 mins discussion)

No defined template for presentations; all rooms have computer projectors and have place for 50 persons